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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 22, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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choice. >> we will pray to change the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens so all life will be protected in our country. >> reporter: an estimated 20,000 prolife supporters came to the city today, this being the 38th anniversary of rose rose. -- roe vs. wade. they took advantage of the day to attack the supreme court's decision. audience was addressed by guest speakers before marching along the embarcadero for a mile. a counterdemonstration was held by prochoice demonstrators across the way. >> a woman without the right to choice, without the right to control her own reproductive life has no more freedom than a slave, and we say abortion on demand is -- without apology. >> reporter: although both side traded remarks, there were no problems reported to police. last year was attended by more
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than 35,000 prolife supporters, police did not provide a number for this year's crowd. the group said the picked san francisco thor march -- for the march because of the city's liberal -- >> alan: the president marked the anniversary of roe vs. wade by calling abortion a constitutional right he is committed to protecting. last year the president signed an executive order that limits federal funding of abortion. republicans want to make that permanent. the the stanislaus county sheriff deputy is downgrading an amber alert for juliani. tonight divers suspended their search of a canal until monday in their search for juliani. police say they believe a car linked to the kidnapping is in
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the canal. the sheriff says all leads point to that specific stretch of canal, but hinted at the possibility of slowing down the search effort. >> we're going have to make the very difficult decision at what point do you really withdraw some of your resources and just continue to look for signs of the car. >> alan: divers have been using a sonar device to search for the gray toyota. that cass war being driven by jose rodriguez, the ex-boyfriend of juliani's mother who is suspected of kidnapping the boy. the license plate is 6hbw445. call the police if you think you see it. a vallejo family is homeless after a car plowed into their home on florida street. i happened at 4:30 this afternoon. police say a honda accord
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exiting eastbound i-80-barreled into the house. the driver and passenger were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. investigators are still on the scene. the red cross was called to assist the family in fining a place to stay. in san francisco investigators are still trying to figure out how a nine-year-old boy was shot in the stomach this afternoon. it happened in the western additions. the shooting happened in the 1100 block of turk street. they're trying to determine if the boy was hit by a stray bullet intentionally shot, or if it was accidental. despite his injury, the boy is expected to survive. in vallejo, police discovered a woman fatally shot inside a car around 5:00 this morning. one man has been arrest, and police are searching for another suspect. investigators are still trying to determine the motive in that murder. san jose leaders are admitting their city has a gang
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problem. it was evident last night on the eve before the city's gang prevention summit. a 17-year-old murdered an 18-year-old in what police are calling a gang-related murder. lisa amin gulezian reports from the summit where the urgency is all too real. >> lisa: everyone here has the same goal, to clean up san jose. a growing graffiti problem is part of the bigger issue with gangs. >> is it hard to stay out of gangs? >> yeah. report. >> lisa: that's why the city organized the crime and gang prevention summit. it comes one day after this gang-related murder. police say a 17-year-old shot and killed an 18-year-old as he rode his bike. it's the city's seventh homicide since january 1st. >> we have had spikes like this larger in the past and been able
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to regain control of the city. >> we can't arrest your way out of this problem. >> lisa: the focus here is on prevention, intervention, and suppression. for the first time, the city is asking faith based groups to take a leading role in the effort, but the decision isn't just -- it's economic. >> limited resource funds, they have the facilities, sweat equity, mentors that come out in large volume and that's what we need, more adult interaction with these dude. >> lisa: this former dang member says adults are the key. >> when your exphom dodd works all day and you got down time, the down time, you're hanging out in the streets, and i thought it was the right thing to do. >> lisa: she is here with her son. >> very concerned that the school he attended is going to be very tough for me to keep an eye on him. it's really highly populated with gangs and drugs. >> lisa: they also live just a few blocks from last night's
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shooting. as part of the city's outreach, volunteers will contact both the victims and she suspects' families to offer help with services, finances and getting out of the gang life in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: investigators have identified a man found dead inside a san jose home that was being fumigated. an exterminator had tented the house and it was offlimits. on monday, contractors found the body of julio gonzalez inside. investigators have not determined why the man entered the home but are speculating he was either homeless or a potential burglar. the medical examiner is looking into the exact cause of death. >> a surfer was seriously injured at the maverick surfing spot. he apparently wiped out while riding a large wave. he wasn't breathing, but good samaritans brought him to shore.
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emergency crews revived the man with cpr. he is now in serious condition at stanford hospital. >> up next, the president gives a hint about what he'll talk about in tuesday's state of the union address. also, gabrielle giffords' physician issues a progress report on how she is doing in therapy. >> key republicans in thump take a straw poll on their favorites for the 2012 presidential nomination. why the city is making plans to temporarily close the great highway. leigh glaser i'm leigh glaser, what a terrific day today. we had record high temperaturess in parts of the bay area in the 70s. what can you
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: more progress in the recovery of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her chief physician says she is even more alert today and is doing well with her therapy after arriving at texas medical center in houston to start her rehabilitation. >> a lot of work, moving, sitting, standing, speech pathologists were there, and they're engaging her.
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so, improve her communication skills. >> alan: giffords' doctors say it's too soon to tell if she will be able to talk. she was shot two weeks ago. six people were killed, 13 others injured. >> funeral services were held in maryland for sargent shriver, the father of former california first lady maria shriver. he was the found director of the piece corps and was remembered today for his passion for helping others and his love for baseball. >> reporter: mourners packed the church in maryland to remember a life in public service. at 95, sargent shriver was among the last of his generation, those who first answered the call to duty from his brother
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in-law. >> he showed up every day and found joy in life. >> reporter: they came to honor the man who started the peace corps. >> your dad not only was prepared to make life better than it was. he made it better than it was for literally millions of people. >> reporter: shriver was remembered in music and words. his daughter, maria shriver, recalled a loving father. >> perhaps his greatest achievement was showing us and our family how to show up in other people's lives and how to love unconditionally. >> reporter: he left his family a letter with these parting words. >> all of you should be happy, happy that i am finally getting to meet our lord, my favorite superstar, face-to-face. >> reporter: sargent shriver left a public leg guess of good works and a private legacy that lives on with his children.
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>> god bless you, daddy. >> alan: today president barack obama gave americans a hint of what he will be talking about in the state of the union address. >> my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing, and we are creating jobs, not just now but well into the future. >> alan: in an online video released to supporters today, obama says the economy will be the main topic of his speech. mr. obama says he will also speak about reducing the national debt and cooperating with republicans during the primetime address. abc-7 will drawft the -- broadcast the speech on tuesday, and it will be streamed live on abc-7 news >> in a straw poll, ex-massachusetts governor rom rom mitt romney took 37%, tim
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pawlenty came in third, and in fourth place, ex-alaska governor sarah palin received 7%. it does show the sentiments of states most active republican voters. >> up next, feeling a lot like spring. leigh glaser coming up to tell you more about that. >> mike: we're down to the final four in the thankful -- nfl playoffs. as we look for the final two combatatatatatatatatatatatatatat
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>> alan: in san francisco road crews plan to close a sex of the great highway again on monday. city crews will relocate sections of the road between lincoln way, and will also trim vegetation phenomenon the -- from the immediatans. the road will be closed for one week. leigh glaser here. we're having a pretty good streak going. >> leigh: a lot of people at the peach. temperatures across the bay area, wasn't it a great day. 60s and 70s. a beautiful shot from the sutro
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cam. san francisco, city hall, and we are going to go with some clear skies tonight. get a little nippy in the inland valley areas, into the 30s, but we should rebound nicely again tomorrow. here's a look at some record highs today. kentfield, 67. oakland, 67. 72 degrees today was the record high in san jose. a record that tied with santa rosa at 74 did he goes, and we might be able to squeeze out a few record tomorrow. currently, temperatures, the sun goes down and they bottom out. napa, 54. 61 in san francisco. redwood city, 6 5. livermore, 59, 62 in antioch. san jose, 64 degrees. so well go with clear skies overnight. maybe a slight bit of -- or chance of some patchy valley fog developing. another sunny, mild day for sunday, and looks like the dry weather pattern will be with us
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all next week. i want to mention the surf is still up along the coast. the high surf advicely in effect until sunday morning, building waves, 15-20 feet, all though the last three to four hours, the waves starting to come down a little bit. i think the national weather service will probably let this expire overnight. the high clouds moved cross the bay area, and winds from the north brought us sunshine and helped to warm us up. tonight we're going with clear skies, 41 for napa. 48 for san francisco, but out toward the livermore valley area, temperatures dipping into the mid-to-upper 30s. so 39. antioch, 41. here's the setup. this is the tail end of the cold front that brought us the high clouds. high pressure really starting to build in, and would you look
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look at the jet stream? it's well to the north of us, and as long as this high is positionedder in the bay area where it is, pretty much parked itself, storm clouds, storm systems will stay to the forth of us. so look for this dry weather pattern to be with us for the next five to seven days. here's the highs for sunday. get out and enjoy it. mill milpitas, 60s. redwood city, 65. 55 for san francisco. and the north bay, 72 for ukiah tomorrow. novato, 66. 66 for oakland and fremont. interior east bay, a little fog may bring your numbers down just a few degrees tomorrow. still a nice day. with antioch, 65. 66 for concord. 70s for watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast. more patchy valley fog overnight monday and tuesday, and that
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will keep inland temperatures on the cool side. otherwise, enjoy it. sunny, mild the next few days. we'll see more clouds move in next weekend. >> alan: thank you very much. on to shu. keeping track of all your basketball scores. >> mike: a busy day as usual on saturday. the stanford basketball team is suffering from in southern california swoon. they haven't won in l.a. since 2005. that trend continues today in westwood. cardinal lost eight of its last ten against the bruins going boo the game. but all stanford early on. cardinal led by as many as 14 in the first half. but the bruins close up with an 18-5 run. ucla down just one at the break. second half. stanford now down two green, buries the three from deep. he had 12. cardinal unone but the bruins pull away. jones. nice little crossover. finish and foul. he had 17. ucla gets the win.
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randy ben net and saint mary's traveling to leigh glaser country to visit vanderbilt. on the alley-oop, game tied at 6:00. off the miss, acrobatic finish. gaels go up 16-11. that would be short-lived. vandy is up eight. and thin tinsley, high off the gloss and then down. santa marys' winning streak is over. >> gonzaga hosting portland. great look inside. convertsconvert two of his 22. time winding down, foster, the triple. got it. santa clara up 34-25 at the break. foster hat 36 points thursday, another big game today. santa clara improves to 3-2 with a victory. >> for the women, jeanette poland had a career high 12 assists. the fourth ranked stanford
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handles ucla, and cal, only their second loss at home. >> a little baseball. spring training a few weeksway. the world champion giants have signed their star. they agreed to a one year, $.2 million deal. torres had 16 homeruns, 63 rbi in his first full season in the majors help spent 12 years in the minors. the first saturday of the australian open had rafa nadal on the hard courts. we'll call it the rafa slam. facing the aussie. rafa took the first set. now down in the second. approaches net. finishes off with the forhand winner. then in the third, the point of the half. nadal. great get over his head.
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just not fair. advances with the victory. >> stars are out for the fourth round of the bob hope classic. former raider great marcus allen. his second on the par-4 16th 16th on the palmer private course. check out the action. within six feet. jerry woodland playing well. par-5 6th, 40-foot eagle. looking for the bottom of the jar, and he finds it. a 66, 24 under. tied for third with vegas. vegas wrapping up his day with a birdie on 18 and loving it. 24-under. >> we're down to the final four in the nfl playaires. the steelers host the jets. jets beat the steelers in the regular season but you can throw that out. this is the playoffs. the steelers win with tough defense behind the arm of ben roethlisberger. and hines ward borders on
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playing dirty. >> not looking, i don't think he is man enough to hit you when you looking at him. coach put it out there, and not lying about it. so, just got to make sure we go out there and -- we don't want to be throwing blows out
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crank up the flavor at subway. >> alan: a new milestone for apple. its app store hit 10 billion downloads. apple made the announcement today. the app store has more than 300,000 different programs for the iphone, the ipad, and the ipod touch. it gave the 10 billionth customer a $10,000 gift certificate to the itunes
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